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Layer0 Security will respond to and help prevent ransomware attacks.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) used to extort funds from victims by encrypting (sometimes irreversibly) files and systems and holding them for ransom. Some variations are designed to move throughout the network and others are designed to exfiltrate sensitive financial, personal and other important data.

This can be devastating to any organization, with cities being taken offline for weeks or major companies losing money and productivity. In some cases this might even be the end of the business after not being about to recover. Paying the ransom doesn’t always result in your files and systems being restored, and if they are restored, there is no guarantee of data integrity.

Not only does ransomware take a toll on your systems and data, it might have regulatory and legal implications. Did you know in Canada there is mandatory reporting for data breaches? This might include a ransomware attack.

If you want to make sure you are ready for ransomware, or in the event of an incident, give us a call at (226) 778 0050.

6 Tips to Help Prevent Ransomware In Your Organization

Layer0 recommends that you take preventative measures to protect your organization against ransomware including having working backups, patching systems, using a good endpoint protection solution, limiting administrative access and continuous security testing. All of which Layer0 is ready to help you make sure is in place and working.

Have you been hit with Ransomware?

You’ve been hit with ransomware.

Here are the first steps we recommend that you take:

  1. Disable write access to network shares to prevent further damage.
  2. Make sure backups are offline and unaffected. Do not plug into networked machine.
  3. Locate infected machine, do not turn off. Disable network access (unplug network cable, disconnect WiFi)
  4. Document everything, take pictures of ransom screen, document new file extension.
  5. Build a remediation plan and consult with insurance company. Call for help.

Sound like a lot of work? The continuity of your business is at stake. Give us a call: (226) 778 0050 and our expect team will be there to help. Our team has experience remediating and helping organizations survive ransomware attacks in healthcare, finance, industrial, government and more.