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Is your actually protecting you?

You pay for . Are you sure you are protected?

You are busy. You pay people, whether internal staff or an external company, to run and secure you organization. You might have heard of services like “Managed Security” or “Managed Firewall”, these can be really appealing options.

However, the problem with services like this is that most providers look for the biggest return on investment, which doesn’t always mean the things are configured and tuned to protect your organization properly. 

At Layer0 we have seen this across providers in cities like Sarnia, London, Chatham, Windsor, Waterloo, the GTA and more across Ontario and Canada. Almost all providers are guilty of this, and this isn’t always intentional.

IT providers can be swamped, how often do you have to wait to get an issue fixed. This could be an indicator of more serious issues in your environment that you can’t see.

Layer0 offers many services to audit your current security and controls posture to make sure everything is working.

Network Security Assessments

We conduct an assessment of your organization’s IT infrastructure and the services using the infrastructure looking for gaps in controls, misconfigurations, missing patches/updates, and other security vulnerabilities that pose a risk to your organization.

Configuration Audits

We examine the configurations of servers and other network devices, endpoint protection solutions and other services that if misconfigured could lead to a data breach or other issues for your organization.

Business Continuity/Backup Review

You have been told that everything works, however, if you get hit by ransomware or something else that could mean the end of your business; can you recover?

We review your backup procedures and processes, make sure it is being done correctly and that it is working. The time to test isn’t when your business is at risk.

Penetration Testing

You have been told you are secure, that you are running the best firewalls and anti-virus. Let’s find out if things are done correctly. Let our team using the same tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers (hackers) to test the security that is the only thing protecting your livelihood.

Get in touch with us now, call (226) 778 0050

Don’t wait until it is too late, but if your IT company is insistent they make you unhackable, keep us in mind for incident response.