Physical Security Auditing Services

Don’t get your security tested for free. It’ll cost you more in the long run.

Threats come from all angles, make sure all of your defenses work. The Layer0 team is experienced securing assets with access control, CCTV/video surveillance and other solutions designed to provide you peace of mind. Our team will validate that the controls you have in place work to protect your assets and meet regulatory requirements.

The average security control is designed to keep honest people honest. Our physical security audit will look at all aspects of the physical security of your assets and provide a report with both tactical and long-term recommendations.

Audit will include:

  • Physical Access Controls
  • Electronic Access Controls
  • Perimeter Access Controls
  • CCTV/Video Surveillance
  • Alarm and other sensor systems
  • Data Center Fire Suppression and Environment Systems

Is your datacenter designed properly? Do you have the right security and protection controls in place to protect your IT and data assets. Work with the Layer0 team today to protect your assets.

Whether you are an industrial plant, airport or an office building; your perimeter once breached could mean game over. Your most valuable assets and data is within your perimeter, last thing you want is for this to be compromised. Our team of experts will review perimeter controls and detection system and then provide you with a report containing both tactical and long-term recommendations.

Cameras and CCTV systems are an important aspect of physical security and audit controls. Do you have the necessary coverage? Are you recording the right things and are you making the most of your system. The Layer0 team is experienced with multiple CCTV systems and the deployment of cameras in high security areas.

Our team will conduct a complete assessment of your physical security and attempt to gain covert entry past your perimeter and into your facility. We will leverage non-destructive tactics and techniques used by attackers and other covert teams around the world to test mitigation, detection and response.