Information, Infrastructure and Cyber Security Services

Layer0’s  services exist to benchmark your organization’s security posture and make actionable recommendations that result in tangible security benefits. The Layer0 team comes from a diverse background of protecting everything from electrical utilities, government organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Using the latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) Layer0 will simulate a real-world attack against your network. Our methodology meets the requirements for PCI-DSS testing and will provide a report on your network defenses mapped to regulatory and compliance standards complete with tactical recommendations.

A real-world test of your organization’s security posture we incorporate all methods of attack to simulate a real adversary against your organization. This multi-faceted approach includes network/technical, physical and social (human) methods of attack.

Have your network and security team work with our security engineers and work through attacks as they occur. This allows us to analyse logging and response capabilities and recommend changes to controls, policies and procedures.

Combine a vulnerability assessment with an internal penetration test our team works within your network to find ways your network can be compromised and provide a report with tactical and actionable recommendations.

Designed for security programs that are just starting or those with limited budgets. The Layer0 team will conduct an assessment of the systems on your networks and provide tactical and actionable recommendations to increase the security of your systems.

Everyone talks about phishing, how organizations have systems and information compromised because of it. We work with your organization to design a phishing test and use the results to help you design/fix your security awareness training.

We take phishing a little further, we have our team of social engineers work to extract information and gain access to company resources. We exploit social media, news sources and other published/accessible information to build a profile on your organization. This service is included with our Red Team Assessments.

We understand that controls networks are not standard business networks. Our team knows the ins and outs of ICS/SCADA networks and will review the architecture and security of the network. Unlike some of our competition, we don’t just plug in a laptop and start scanning your network with untuned commercial utilities which could be devastating to your operation.

We examine the configurations of servers and other network devices, endpoint protection solutions and other services that if misconfigured could lead to a data breach or other issues for your organization. Our team will compare configurations to suitable frameworks, and work with your team to provide recommendations on hardening/correcting configurations. All delivered in an easy to implement report.

You have been told that everything works, however, if you get hit by ransomware or something else that could mean the end of your business; can you recover?
We review your backup procedures and processes, make sure it is being done correctly and that it is working. This will include review of logs and test restorations governed by your organizations backup requirements. The time to test isn’t when your business is at risk.