Physical Security Auditing and Consulting

Make sure your access control, cameras and other systems are working to protect your assets. Leverage Layer0’s team of experts to audit, enhance or design your physical security controls. Layer0 staff have designed and audited highly secure installations globally from government facilities to carrier data centers.

Physical Penetration Test / Covert Entry

Are your physical security controls ready to be tested? Our team will conduct a complete assessment of your physical security and attempt to gain covert entry past your perimeter and into your facility. We will leverage non-destructive tactics and techniques used by attackers and other covert teams around the world to test mitigation, detection and response.

Physical Security and Controls Audit

The average security control is designed to keep honest people honest. Our physical security audit will look at all aspects of the physical security of your assets and provide a report with both tactical and long-term recommendations.

Audit will include:

• Physical Access Controls

• Electronic Access Controls

• Perimeter Access Controls

• CCTV/Video Surveillance

• Alarm and other sensor systems

• Data Center Fire Suppression and Environment Systems

Perimeter Security Audit

Whether you are an industrial plant, airport or an office building; your perimeter once breached means game over. Your most valuable assets and data is within your perimeter, last thing you want is for this to be compromised. Our team of experts leverage the latest technologies such as UAV recon and RF hacking to ensure the best results. We will review perimeter controls and detection system, provide you with a report containing both tactical and long-term recommendations and assist you with testing during remediation efforts.

Data Center Auditing

The data-center / server room is where all of your critical data is stored. Do you have the right security and protection controls in place to protect the organization’s assets? Work with the Layer0 team today to protect your assets. Our staff have audited some of the largest data centers in the world.

Camera and VMS Auditing

Cameras and CCTV systems are an important aspect of physical security and audit controls. Do you have the necessary coverage? Are you recording the right things and are you making the most of your resources? The Layer0 team is experienced with multiple CCTV systems, camera and the deployment of cameras in high security areas. We have Genetec certified staff as well. Contact the Layer0 team to have us either audit or help you enhanced your existing configurations.