Security Auditing Services

Defending an organization requires you to be right thousands of times. An attacker has to be right only once.

The Layer0 Offensive Services Team develops and conducts its operations using Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) that mimic today’s sophisticated attackers. Attackers compromise organizations, exfiltrate their data, all while going completely undetected. Whether a network vulnerability assessment or an advanced adversary simulation, our team tailors the service to the requirements of the organization while still meeting regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS, NERC, HIPAA / PHIPA and more.

Network Security Assessment
The perfect fusion of the vulnerability assessment and penetration test to give you a look into the security posture of your organization’s IT infrastructure and controls
Vulnerability Assessment
Whether you have no security program or if you require quarterly assessments, our vulnerability assessments meet and exceed requirements for all regulatory compliance mandates.
Application Security Assessment
Whether before and while in production, applications can be the central focus of your day-to-day operations. Make sure it is hardened against compromise.
Industrial/Controls/IIoT Security Assessment
We understand the difference between IT and OT. Get an assessment that actually fits the requirements of your environments

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