Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services

Cyber crime is more profitable than the global illegal drug trade. The cyber-war is real and anyone on the internet can be a casualty. Reliable information security and availability is not impossible. It is achievable through a disciplined approach to risk identification, management, and testing. 

Compliance can be a difficult task; regulations are constantly evolving.
What is audit and compliance readiness? In simplest terms, we prepare you for and make sure you are ready for any audit. The Layer0 Governance, Compliance and Risk (GRC) team will work with your organization to address any security regulation including:

  • Healthcare (HIPAA / PHIPA)
  • ISO 270001

We conduct a harmonized threat and risk assessment (TRA) combining cyber and physical threats to your organization based on the methods developed by the Communications Security Establishment of Canada (CSE) Our security engineers can then work with you to develop recommendations based on our findings.

Our GRC team provide a holistic review of your organization’s current security program and work with you to provide improvement opportunities.

Having adaptive and strong policies go a long way in building a robust security program. Our experienced team can help you build policies that fit your organization and meet regulatory requirements.

Your organization has processes, are they followed? Whether you have an internal IT team or a 3rd party IT company, make sure they are following the proper procedures. Failure to follow procedures and defines processes could have dire consequences to your company.

Building a robust security program takes resources that most organizations cannot afford to waste. Let our team of experts help your organization build a robust security program that fits your organization and optimizes processes around your requirements. The cookie cutter doesn’t cut it.

Do you know the risks to your organization? This list could go one forever, it is a bunch of what-ifs. Have our team work with your organization to realize the risks and design controls around them for the entire organization, not just IT.