Learn more about Layer0 and why you should choose us.

Our purpose.

Layer0 was formed in 2018 by four InfoSec professionals who worked in completely different industries but noticed the same set of unsolved problems.

  • Organizations are adopting technology too quickly for their staff but at the same time too slowly for their customers.
  • Planning to defend against capable threat actors is not a practical plan. However, it seems to be everyone’s plan.
  • Information Technology leaders are often left out of strategic planning, have limited authority and autonomy, yet are accountable for the highest levels of risk.
  • Organizations lack a disciplined approach to ensure that even basic security controls are implemented and maintained.

What is Layer0

At Layer0 we tailor our testing to the requirements of your organization to provide an actionable information and tactical recommendations that result in tangible security benefits to your organization. A tailored approach is often the best way to get the best fit.
Started in 2018, Layer0 Security Inc. combines the knowledge of individuals with an average of 15 years of experience in the industry and have worked through breaches, ransomware attacks, network defence, and finding threats in networks.
We look forward to working with you.

More about Layer0

• Layer0 is vendor, partner, and solution agnostic, we will only recommend what is in your best interests.
• Our consultants hold numerous industry certifications including those recognized by the NSA and DoD.
• Our team has years of experience protecting the networks of governments, defence contractors, Fortune 500 companies and more.